Reviews for Xerxes, Hampstead Garden Opera @ Upstairs at the Gatehouse

“Playing the mischievous sister, Pullen made a dramatic change from spinster to temptress between the two parts of the performance and was amusingly dissembling as a character… A slightly darker hued voice than Holmes, the contrast worked well and was charmingly flirtatious in “Un cenno leggiadretto” and coquettish in “Dirà che non m’amo” 

4 stars

Llŷr Carvana, Opera Britannia

Opera Britannia Full Review of Xerxes

“Atalanta… sung by Sophie Pullen, is perhaps the most complex character in the opera to pull off, but her quiet scheming was clearly portrayed from the start, Pullen’s movements making her the one figure on stage that I felt I couldn’t take my eyes off.”

Adrian Horsewood, Early Music Today

Early Music Today Full Review of Xerxes11156208_363259610545379_5049401695555120579_n

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