Coulter Partners Sponsorship for ENO Operaworks Course

Very pleased to have received sponsorship from Coulter Partners to cover the fees of studying on ENO’s Operaworks course.  In addition to a bursary from English National Opera my costs for the course, and the associated costs, will now be covered.


Sophie worked for Coulter Partners as CEO Bianca Coulter’s PA in 2011 and was an integral member of the Pollen Street team before departing for Birmingham Conservatoire.  She has kept in touch with a number of colleagues and has watched with awe as the company has expanded and strengthened.  

“Bianca has kept a close eye on my progression as I have moved through postgraduate studies and into the profession – her advice has been crucial in developing aspects of my professional life, from feedback on my website, photos etc, to encouragement from shows she has attended.  I had a wonderful time working at Coulter Partners; the experience instilled in me a strong work ethic and a drive to succeed and keep improving myself and my business model.”

To find out more about Coulter Partners please visit:

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